How To Sleep Better And Feel Refreshed Each Morning

 For those that wish for the most comfortable night’s sleep every night, the dream can become a reality if you pursue the right measures. 

There are many reasons our sleep might be poor from health, a lack of movement, diet, and discomfort. However, there are many ways to improve our sleep.

Hence, this guide will share all of the best tips for you to start enjoying your sleep and feeling more refreshed every morning when you wake up.

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Find yourself a new bed setup

Your bed setup might be the reason you are not sleeping well. An uncomfortable mattress and the wrong bed frame could very well hinder your ability to get to sleep. Or, cause you to continuously wake throughout the night. 

Finding a local bed shop will enable you to look around and find the best bed to suit your needs. You can measure the frame to ensure it fits and find the best mattress for ultimate comfort. Hence, you can create the comfortable bedroom of your dreams and enhance your sleep in no time.

Get cold first thing in the morning

Whether you have slept well or not, a great way to feel refreshed when you wake up is to get cold first thing in the morning. This could either mean going outside for a walk (fresh air and sunlight first thing in the morning will guarantee to make you feel more awake). After that, splashing cold water on your face and using an ice roller will energise your face and help you wake up. 

Practicing cold measures every morning will become a healthy routine and ensure you can feel your best at the start of each day.

Make your bedroom lighter

To sleep better, it is a good idea to regulate your circadian rhythm. To do this, it is advised to sleep and wake at the same time each day. 

To achieve this, it can be advised to allow more light to enter the bedroom. Morning light can wake you up naturally and get rid of that groggy feeling you can experience when waking in a dark room. 

You can, of course, use alarm clocks to wake up. However, it can be more refreshing and gentle to wake up naturally. When your circadian rhythm regulates, you will likely sleep and wake at the same time each day naturally.

Make your bedroom as calm as possible

To ensure you get to sleep well, it is best to make your bedroom as calm and relaxing as possible. This could mean switching off the bigger lights and swapping them for fairy lights. Ambient lighting helps relax the mind, helping it acknowledge it is time for sleep.

After that, you could make a no-phone rule so that you do not use technology just before you sleep.

Adding calming music and candles are other self-care measures that will encourage you to feel more relaxed, which can improve your ability to fall asleep. 

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