Letter for Elliw Elen. 28.5.13

You're nearly 15 months. 
Your walking has improved so much recently :-) So proud of you. You're starting to walk a full length of the room now! You're into absoloutley everything haha, climbing everything and if you don't get what you want then that's it, you have a HUGE temper haha! You still don't sleep all night, you wake up atleast once or maybe twice a night haha. 
You went swimming for the first time yesterday with Taid, Dad, Uncle Sean and Your big sister Iwan! From what i saw & What your Dad said, you absoloutley loved it :-) Next time i'll be with you too! Looking forward to it. You're a size 3.5 G - size 4 & you fit 18-24 months clothes now :-) Even sharing some of mia's 2-3 years clothes haha! It's weird seeing you in Mia's old clothes & Shoes.

Will write another letter soon.
Lots of love ; Mam xxx

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