My 1st pregnancy.

I found out i was pregnant with my 1st baby girl when i was 16 years old. I was very scared as i was alone, but i had the great and fantastic support off my Dad. When i found out i was pregnant i didn't really believe it. I remember thinking.. 'Me? Pregnant?' I couldn't get my head around that i had a baby inside me! When i was around 12 weeks 6 days pregnant i was working and i fainted, i was so scared. I went to hospital and they just told me to wait for the scan the next day, so that is what i did. The day of the 1st scan came & i was so happy i had tears in my eyes. Seeing my baby bouncing around on the screen was mad! :-) But so cute!
A couple of weeks later i fainted again whilst i was shopping with my dad, went to hospital and was put on monitor, everything was fine :-). I felt first movements at 17 weeks, the feeling was amazing. Can't really explain it until you experience it yourself really. 
My 2nd scan i found out i was a healthy baby girl. Everything was good and healthy :-).
When it came 30 weeks i woke up one night itching like mad, i was itching my feet, hands, belly, face, head, just everywhere! I went to midwife the next day and i had some tests done and she told me to go straight to hospital so that's what i did. Yet again my dad was with me every step of the way. From then onwards i was on loads of tablets each day & in hospital on the monitor twice a week and doctors in hospital once a week. The itching did calm down a bit later on in the pregnancy since i was taking my tablets. 
Read my birth story to know what happened next.

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