Water Wipes Sensitive Facial Wipes Review

I recieved these Facial Wipes from Water Wipes. I was looking forward to use these because every other facial wipe i have used always makes my skin feel like it is burning, and i get very dry skin after using it. I wiped my make up off an my face didn't feel dry at all, i felt fresh after using it and it didn't burn my face. 
They are frangrance free and alcohol free wipes. They don't dry out the skin, no-sting and effective make up removal wipes. These are free from chemical preservaties and other hard ingredients that you find in other facial wipes. 

These are not a medical treatment for eczema/dermatitis but can help to cleanse problem dry skin*

*i was not paid to do this review, how ever i was given these products to give my honest opinion 

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