I'm An Aunty!!!

Finally, I'm an Aunty! A gorgeous baby boy came into the world 22nd October 2013 at 10.04pm weighing 7lbs 13 1/2oz. I was so proud - i even cried when i had the phone call.

Meet my nephew - Osian Wyn

When i held him for the first time - my heart melted. He was so cute! And so tiny. As my two girls weight over 8lbs and Osian did not look his weight at all, but he was very long! 

I brought my little sister and brother along too meet their new baby nephew!

I was baking for over 4 hours friday night! Baked a cake for Osian and baked over 24 cupcakes for all the family - very tiring - and i am not even going to try and make cakes now for a good few weeks - feel sick thinking of it! 

These are the proud parents of Osian. My brother Nathan his partner Catriona! I am so proud and happy for them. Perfect little family eh?! 

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