Things To Do This Half Term!

Half Term is here! weather it is your first holidays with your little ones off school or not it can be quite difficult too think what too do with your little ones for the whole week! They are so used to doing something all day such as school! So now they are out of routine! So i thought maybe here are a few things you could do this half term! 

Lazy Days - Always nice too have a lazy day with your little ones. Snacks, cuddles and films! Have a very lazy pyjama day with your children. Forget the house work and everything else, just relax! Not often you get days like this in the week especially when your little ones are in school! 

Crafts/Messy Play - We all know kids love being messy! So why not put their old clothes on, cover the table or floor with some newspaper or plastic old sheets and let them do whatever they want - such as painting, baking, colouring or play with water maybe?! All kids love things like this - i'm sure you will have fun joining them too! 

Go for a walk/to the park - Why not save money and just stay local. Stay in your town/village. Have a walk with your kiddies and let them run around maybe if your town/village has a field or a park? This will sure tire them out by bedtime! And maybe you too ha ha! 

Go out - Maybe if you have a few pennies too spend, take them for a day out? Go to amusement parks or too the beach (IF it is nice). Or how about cinema? Then take them too McDonalds or KFC or somewhere else too have something too eat. My girls love going out for a day and eating somewhere different. 

See family - Go see the family, as most of us live away from family and don't get that much time too see them whilst the kids are in school. So grab the chance now and go have a catch up with the family! 

What are you going too do this Half Term?

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