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Christmas is around the corner, and we could all do with a bit of cash in our banks/pockets right now! Every year around 6 months before Christmas i do massive clear out of all of our wardrobes! One thing i never do is chuck our clothes in the bin. I always sell them on! What's better? Selling your old clothes and get cash or throw them in the bin and get nothing? There are plenty of sites and shops around these days that buy your clothes! Check out MusicMagpie for instance, they have started to buy your clothes now! Along with the other things they buy. It's very simple too do. 
I've got something too sell every week nearly, as i am loosing weight too get to my target, the clothes i have are getting small and baggy (YAY!!) so i sell them! I love getting cash for clothes i don't wear anymore or the clothes that are just too big on me now! 
I sort the girls clothes out every few months - as they grow out of them so quickly, with Mia's i pass them down too Elliw (my youngest) but with Elliws clothes i sell them. Once i get the money i save it until a rainy day or something important. 

I always love sorting clothes out knowing i'm going to have cash at the end of it! Even if it is just a few pennies, every single penny counts these days! We all know how hard things are too buy these days with prices going up! 
It is always best too sell your clothes for cash instead of chucking them in the bin! At MusicMagpie it is very easy too sell, all you have too do is type the designer and garment then wa-la! Instant price there and then! 

How about when you are sorting out your clothes ready too sell - you get your little helpers too help you sort them out? As we all know tidying/sorting things out can be very boring! So have a little fun, give you a good chance too try the clothes on your little ones too or maybe their opinion on if they like the clothing or not! And if they don't then there you go - sell it - more cash! Great way too maybe open a bank account for your little ones! Any price would be great, as money does add up in the end! It can also take a bit of time to sort out if you have a lot of clothes too sort - but it can be fun, put some music on or the TV maybe and enjoy time with bonding with your little ones whilst your sorting clothes out ready too sell them! 

What do you do with your unwanted items/clothes?

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  1. I love music magpie, i sold a ton of old stuff on there a few months back. Its a great way to get rid of unwanted stuff. Great post! xx


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