Why I Blog?

Why do I blog? What is blogging to me? I started my very first blog the start of the year. I saw a Google advert on one day and i was very interested so i checked it out - then i saw that someone i know Kerry (Oh So Amelia) had a blog! She has helped me loads about blogging (Thank you!) I didn't get the hang of it really - but then in May this year (2013) I started blogging properly - I very slowly started getting followers on my blog, bloglovin' and my Facebook Page, i started to get products too review which are related to my blog. I started to enjoy posting something atleast 3-4 times a week or more and reading other peoples blogs! 
Blogging to me is something i'm used too now - i like writing, i always have. I even keep a diary at home and write what I've done on that day, This is a different kind of online diary i keep and like too share with my lovely readers! But blogging to me isn't just an online diary/journal, it is a place where i can write down what i did and write things about my children growing up, something they can look back at when they are older. That is the main reason i blog. But most of all i enjoy blogging. It can be very addictive once you're into it! 
Blogging is also something i can express my feelings and help others by giving them my advice if i have been through something! Sometimes (well most of the time) when i am out & about things come into my head and i think *ah that would make a great blog post* It keeps me busy in the evenings when my girls are in bed and the partner is either watching rubbish films or playing the PS3. 

Blogging has come a part of me in these past few months. I love jotting down the memories we have with our girls.


  1. I started blogging in 2006 as a way of keeping a diary. I blog in fits and starts, at the moment I'm at it again. I blog to record my life and it is interesting to me to look back and look at how much I have changed and my priorities have changed, from being a little self obsessed to looking after my family.

  2. I've started a blog, I want to help other young mummies to save money while preparing for being a mummy myself.


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