How Was School Today?

This is one question i ask 5 days a week. Once my daughter finishes school - i always ask how her day was in school. I think it's a small talk you can have with your child and find out what they do in school. I like having the chats after school with my 3 year old letting me know what she has done in school and if she enjoyed it or not. 
I think it's quite important too ask as well for the child to know you are interested in their day. I am always keen on what my daughter gets up to in school especially now that she is in a big school part-time and weds, thurs and fri she is in dinner club too so she is in school 11-3 for those 3 days and 1-3 monday and tuesday. It's a long day for such a little child. When she gets home she is so tired she likes to just lie down on the sofa with a blanket over her and watch TV.

But at the end of the day - She is enjoying school and i am happy about that.

Do your little ones enjoy school?


  1. Aww she looks happy!!
    There's always two questions I ask my Did you have a good day & what did you have for

    1. Aww! I will probably ask that if i decide to put my girl on school dinners. At the moment she is part time and when she is in dinner club i make her a lunch box. But next September she will be in full time - scary! x


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