Pack your Hospital Bag

As you may know my baby nephew is due this month (16th) First time aunty! And i can't wait too see his little face and give him huge cuddles! I'm so excited i can't even explain how i excited i am! I've told my brothers partner from the start of the pregnancy that if she wants any advice she knows where i am, and i am really happy that she has actually talked to me and asked for quite a bit of advice! It feels nice too know someone wants some advice from you or help with something. The most recent thing she has said is about her hospital bag! And i thought - ah this would be a great post! I remember packing my hospital bags and worrying i didn't have everything or that i had forgotten to buy something! Here is a list of the important things to put in your bag :-) -

Nappies - I took half a pack of nappies with me, and if you were to stay in longer then someone else could pop home or to the shop to buy more.
Wet Wipes - Some Midwives tell you not too use wet wipes but i used them on both my girls when they were born and still now. I bought the Huggies Pure but if i knew about Water Wipes or the Newborn Wipes which are both made out of pure water nothing more then that is what i would of used But as i say again it made no harm to my girls.
Cotton Wool - This is what most midwives advise you too use, i didn't use these for my girls only tip to toe wash.
Baby grows - I was lucky with Elliw that i had brought 5 baby gro's with me since she had poo'd so much it went up her back all over her vest and baby gro' ha ha. 
Coming Home Outfit - Both my girls came home in the same baby gro and i have still got it as a memory.
Socks - I took a pair with me but never used them
Mittens - Very handy incase baby scratches themselves.
Hat - Not needed if it is warm but if you're having a winter baby it's a handy thing to have in your bag.
Coat/All-in-one coat - Again winter babies need a coat to go home in.
Vests - I say bring atleast 5-6 vest just incase!
Blanket - From the day Elliw was born she had this blanket bought buy a friend of ours and it's her comforter ever since.
Teddy (If you want) - Teddies were usually bought by other people for my girls.
Dummy - Handy incase your baby likes a dummy like my Mia or hate dummies like my Elliw!
Carseat - Simple, for baby to go home! :-) YAY! 

Maternity pads - Bring quite a few.
Breast Pads
Underwear - Buy some comfy ones! Don't use your best ones. i bought granny knickers ha ha. Embaressed to buy them but my god they were comfy! They're all in the bin now - they were handy after birth too.
Comfy Pyjamas - If you're staying the night always nice to have comfy pj's.
Nightey for labour 
Dressing gown 
Clean clothes - Too go home in.
Toiletries - Such as shower gel, shampoo, deodrant, tooth brush & paste, body spray, cloths etc. It may be best to buy travelling sized items with you.
Camera - Capture those precious moments.
Mobile phone - Too let family & friends know how you and baby are.
Charger (if you're allowed)
Small fan - I didn't bring this but maybe it is a handy thing to have as you get very hot and sweaty in labour!

It is always scary knowing you're going to be in labour soon if you're close too your due date. Especially for first time mummys since they have no idea what the pain is like - but even being a 2nd or 3rd time mummy it's not any better - you know the pain - i was more scared i think the 2nd time.
Both my pregnancies i packed my bag roughly 30 weeks - they do say start packing by 36 weeks as once you are 37 weeks you are full term you have a full term baby 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the baby is due.

Did you make a list for your hospital bag?


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