We Do Not Remember Days We Remember Moments Linky.

' We do not remember Days,
           We remember Moments'
                                                     - Cesare Pavese

I love this quote said by Cesare Pavese! It is so true. We never really remember the days we just remember the moments. So I have decided to do a linky with your most memorable photo OR photos! All you have to do is do a post with a photo or a few photos and explain what happened - even if it is just one word, a few words or even a full paragraph! It doesn't matter how short or long your post is. After you've finished just link it up below and if you can read and comment other people's posts too. Simple as that :-) Enjoy!
Looking forward to reading your posts.

P.s. If you can please copy and paste the code of the badge below to go onto your post too! Thank You :-)!

It will not show up this big on your post - It will only be thumbnail size like below! :-) Thank You.

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  1. Love this idea :) I will join in, just need to get on the laptop xx


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