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Siblings - July

Anyone who really knows me, know that I love taking photos. Whether it is with my camera or with my phone. 99% of my photos are of the girls but I don't get a photo of them together very often. Not anymore anyway since Elliw is always active and constantly moves! Mia will sit still for photos and do a big pose for them and Elliw - well she will sometimes!

They're not looking at the camera in this photo but literally 2 seconds before I clicked the button they were both looking and smiling! I was so gutted - but atleast I have that memory for when I look at this photo. The reason Elliw went off was because she wanted to go on Mia's scooter! Which she did run too, it was quite funny actually.

dear beautiful

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  1. Love their outfits, it's always the way isn't it! I'm always the same too, kids just don't understand 'stay like that' do they ;)


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