Having a baby can put a lot of strain onto a relationship. Who said life was going to be easy when you have a baby? There are a lot of sleepless nights, arguments and times where you just want to be alone for at least 5 minutes, but when you are in a relationship you are trying to juggle two things! Trying to keep your relationship going and get on with parenting life. Having a child is a blessing and makes everything complete but there are times when couples need 'alone time' or even 'date nights'.

I think having a routine with your child really helps a relationship. Even though not every routine goes to plan but in the end it will happen. Having a routine can take off a bit of stress, such as a bedtime routine (you can read more about bedtime routine here) you and your partner can spend those last few hours of the day together whilst the child/ren are sleeping.

An important thing to do in a relationship is to make time for each other. To keep your relationship alive you need to make an effort with each other. You could get a babysitter and go out just the both of you. A relationship is more than likely to die down if you both never make time for each other. Again, if you have a child a routine with the child is a good thing so you can both have time together, such as in the evenings.

You need to talk to each other in a relationship. You both need to be able to trust in each other and able to talk to each other about everything. Even a random text to each other during the day (if they/you are working or out) or even a phone call. When you or your partner come home from work, ask how each others days have been.

Going out with each other can really help a relationship. Going out to the cinema, for a meal or even out for a walk along the beach can help. It's a time both of you can catch up on each others lives that you have not been able to talk about whilst at home with the child.

I love taking about old memories and about the future we hope to have. I think looking back at what we used to do has helped us in a way because we have seen how much stronger we are now than what we were before. Looking through old photos and texts can be funny and a bit cringey too!

Have you got any tips on how to keep your relationship alive after a baby?

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  1. I love this post,I think one of the reasons I am anxious to start a family is because I am scared of us not having the couple bond anymore. It wont be just the two of us anymore.


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