Elliw's always been pretty much behind in her development. She was a little late sitting up, crawling and didn't walk until she was 15 months. She also didn't step outside until she was 18 months, she was petrified of putting her feet on the ground outdoors! I have no idea why. We had a visit from the Health Visitor when Elliw was around 2 and a half years old. I told her about Elliw's speech. I personally felt she was a little bit delayed. Don't get me wrong, I know all children develop differently, but I am glad I told the Health Visitor. She referred Elliw to Speech Therapy and they told us she does have delayed speech for her age.

Elliw looses her temper pretty quickly. Most of the time is because she is frustrated. She struggles to say some words. She also struggles to say the ending of some words. She is 3 years old and only recently starting to put two or three words together. Most of the time if she is stuck, instead of asking for help she will scream, cry and moan like it's the end of the world.

I get some people telling me her speech is good. Yes, she is getting there very slowly but she still needs the help. I wouldn't of told the Health Visitor if I wasn't worried. I don't want my daughter to struggle saying words. It's frustrating for us not knowing what she is saying most of the time, so I am sure it is a lot more frustrating for her. Me and my partner are the ones who are home with her. I am the one home with her 24/7, so I do feel a little upset and annoyed when people turn around to me saying she is good, when I mention she goes to speech therapy. I mean, it's the people who hardly ever see her.

Elliw is very confident in places and with other people. She will happily be centre of attention! She loves playing by herself and with other children. I find that she struggles playing with other children sometimes because they don't understand her. Elliw loves singing songs and she tries her best to get the words right. Her favourite songs to sing are 'Mi Welais Jac Y Do', 'Let it Go', 'Daddy Finger' and 'Johnny Johnny'.

Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Song
Daddy Finger Song

Elliw has been referred to maybe attend an Unit. The Unit is in a town near where we live, around 15-20 minutes away. We went for an appointment on the 19th May, Tuesday. The Unit is a part of a school and it looked amazing. We had time to talk to the teacher and we learnt a few things about what they do. We have put Elliw's name forward to hopefully attend the Unit 2 days a week and School 3 days a week, or the other way round. I am hoping she will get a place, just to help her speech a bit more. Hopefully, if she does get a place she can be in school 5 days a week after Christmas. We will see when the time comes.

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