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SleepCurve Mattress Review

When you are expecting a baby you want to be sure you buy the safest and best items for your soon-to-be daughter/son. SleepCurve is a mattress for a moses basket - which many parents buy for their baby. SleepCurve mattress prevents baby from overheating because the airways are open more than a flat surface and it also prevents acid reflux. SleepCurve mattress is also helpful when baby has a cold because of it's airways which doesn't allow baby to over heat.

The unique 'curved' mattress maintains a cool temperature for baby which helps baby have a long and more comfortable sleep. The SleepCurve was invented by Philip Owen D.O. who is an internationally-renowned paediatric and cranial osteopath. Philip has spend over 20 years understand baby and children's sleep problems as well as studying and treating tension in babies' skull bones. This is where Philip and the team came up with the new mattress, SleepCurve. It will prevent flat head syndrome and can help baby have a very comfortable sleep during nap times and night time sleep.

We were given a SleepCurve mattress to review and Freddie has been testing it out for the past few weeks. Freddie doesn't have flat head syndrome and seems to have a very comfortable sleep when he is in his moses basket sleeping on the SleepCurve mattress. The mattress isn't a thin mattress like most moses basket, as you can see in the photos in this post, the mattress is quite thick and also comfortable. You can also see the curve shape which supports the head.

The price for this mattress starts from £49.99 over on their website SleepCurve. The price can be a little steep for some but if you want your baby to have a comfortable and safe sleep, I would recommend this mattress.

* I was given this item free of charge in return of an honest review.
All words and photos are my own.


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