Firework Safety Tips

The new years is coming up, and it's an exciting time for most of us. A time where most people make new years resolutions, a time some people are glad the previous year has finished and a time for a fresh start for most. Many people celebrate entering the new year in different ways such as going out partying, hosting a party at home, going to watch big Ben or even setting off their own firework display. Fireworks are quite dangerous - especially if you don't know how to set them off properly. NCC Home Learning have created a Firework Safety Quiz to see how much you know about setting off a firework display.

Here are some top tips for creating your own firework display;
- Never let a child set off a firework.
- Plan your firework display
- Make sure you read and follow the instructions of each firework correctly
- Keep naked flames away from fireworks
- Never throw fireworks
- Use fireworks one at a time

How are you celebrating the new year?

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