Baby Shower Gift Ideas

A baby shower is a great way to celebrate near the end of your pregnancy before becoming a new mum. I've never had one, but I would have loved to have had one. It was originally more popular in America, but many people have started to have one in the UK recently too. It's a great way to get everyone together, friends and family before the baby arrives. The Mum-to-be is given many gifts for her and baby just in time for the new arrival. Here are just a few baby shower gift ideas; 

- Memory Box
Babies aren't babies for long, they grow up to quick. A memory box is a lovely keepsake gift where the parents can keep special gifts, photos and anything else that's special and meaningful for them. In years to come it's a lovely box to look through when the kids are older.

- Clothes
Clothing is a popular choice for gifts. My eldest had a few girls tracksuit given to her before she was born and she always looked comfortable. Baby pyjamas are also another great idea as a gift. Babies go through so many clothes in the first year or so as they're dribbling from teething, being sick or messy with food, having those extra bits is always handy.

- Mum and Baby Hamper
We must always remember the Mum! It's Mum that's had to go through 9 months of pregnancy, growing a small human inside of her. A Mum and baby hamper can contain many different things such as her favourite chocolates, DVD's, pamper items, wet wipes, nappies and much more. 

- Photo Album
Similar to the memory box, a photo album is perfect to fill up with those happy photos of the baby growing up. A perfect gift for a Mum who loves to take photos. 

- Newborn Photoshoot
What's cuter than a newborn photoshoot? It's a perfect gift to capture that adorable newborn face in the early days/weeks. 

Have you ever had a Baby shower?


  1. Great ideas.
    Your blog looks great x

  2. I attended a baby shower last year and had no idea what to bring! I went for baby clothes in the end - they were too cute not to get them!

  3. Great tips as wanted something a bit different when gets closer. My friend has just found out the sex of the baby so it's still early! x

  4. Best gift I got in my baby showers was the blender by karmin, is amazing for my baby`s food!♥

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