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Mia and Elliw have a few favourite tv shows, but one of their favourites is Shimmer & Shine. When we received the new Shimmer & Shine Magical Flying Carpet by Fisher-Price, to review I'm sure you could just imagine their excitement when they saw it after coming home from school. I thought it would be a nice surprise for them to see it in the living as they walked in. They both rushed to keep their coats, bags and shoes then instantly went to open the box. I had to help with getting them out at some parts. They both knew which doll they wanted and were so excited to start playing.

Both dolls, Shimmer & Shine, come dressed in a bright and colourful genie outfit. Their hair is colourful, long, shiny and super soft. They come with a magical flying carpet that's also really colourful. The magical carpet moves on the floor, and both girls were so excited and happy when they saw it moving. It flutters too, so it looks like it's flying. Not only that, but the carpet also plays music, says different phrases and sounds. It responds with over 40 fun phrases too.

The girls have had hours of fun playing with this set, and it's so lovely to watch them play nicely together instead of arguing. They've had many magical hours with Shimmer & Shine and their magical flying carpet. I absolutely adore all the bright colours, and the quality of the contents are great too. I would most definitely recommend Shimmer & Shine Magical Flying Carpet to anyone who has a little Shimmer & Shine fan like my girls. 

Shimmer & Shine Magical Flying Carpet is available at Smyths for £41.99 (but has money off at the moment!*)

* Date offer found: 12th October 2017

We received this product free of charge in return for an honest review.
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