I've been following Fred's Box for a while now, and I've always been interested to know what was exactly inside the boxes. They are aimed at 3-12-year-old children and are a subscription box, which made me feel more interested. I like receiving products through the post for myself, and I thought the girls would be even more excited to receive a surprise package through the post for them to open. We did an unboxing video, which you can watch below if you're interested and it was so much fun to film.

3 different types of boxes can be delivered to your door each month. I personally think it's such an exciting thing for a child to receive their own parcel. We received the twin pack which was fully packed with many items. Prices and other box details are further down this page. As I mentioned that my girls are into Princesses and Superheroes, the twin box was prepared for them. When you subscribe to a box, there are a few boxes to fill in to let them know how old your child is, other comments and so on. It's really simple to order.

When we received the box, I could feel that it was jammed packed with products. I couldn't wait for the kids to open it and they were ecstatic when I explained to them what the box was and that they were doing an unboxing video. We got ourselves ready, it took us a few takes to film the start as Freddie kept on knocking the camera down. However, we managed to do it and the girls were so happy with their products.

They received many items from a book each, packs of cards, ooshies, jigsaws and more. This particular box would cost £22.99 per month which I personally find is a reasonable price to pay each month for what your children get in return in the box. It's a perfect gift for your children or a birthday gift for someone else. You will receive 10% off your first box, and if you weren't interested in a monthly box, you could buy a one-off box too.

The three boxes available are Fred's Twin Mystery Box, Fred's Box Fun and Mystery and lastly the Ooshies Box. Prices start from £5.99 per month.

* We were given this product free of charge in return for an honest review.
All words, opinions and photos are entirely our own.

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