When I was 14 weeks pregnant and found out I was having a baby boy, I was overjoyed. I was so happy, words couldn't even describe. I've always longed for a little boy, a son. But of course, I still love my two little girls so much - that will never change and I love all three exactly the same. But having a boy is, so different. When I was pregnant with Freddie, I used to get told different things such as boys are a handful, boys don't see danger and so on. I can agree with them completely and although my girls have been ones who don't see any danger, Freddie is much worse. Considering he's around the girls literally every day, he is so different from them.

We went to a place called Penmaenmawr a few weeks back. A place that my Dad used to take my brother and I when we were little and so it was a lovely to be able to make my own memories there with my kids. Sadly, Mia was in her Dad's that day but we are planning to go there again soon. It was a last minute decision as we just wanted a walk somewhere and along the seafront seemed like the perfect idea. A few days before I bought Freddie some reins from Trunki as he is a right menace and will run off the opposite direction. He wasn't too keen at first but got used to it in the end. But as there wasn't anywhere dangerous for him to go, we just let him wander around and do his own thing.

He was hilarious. He kept playing games of going the opposite way, trying his best to catch up with his big sister, Elliw and was full of giggles. They both absolutely loved the park and neither were keen when we left the park but were soon back to having fun running around when we walked a little further. There's a 5 year age gap between Freddie and Elliw and again, so different. Elliw is petrified of dogs, where as Freddie absolutely loves them. He laughs so much at them. There was a dog he saw on our walk and he kept pointing and trying to go up to the dog. We took him as it looked friendly and the owners were fine with it. He stroked the dog and the dog gave him a big lick - Freddie's face was hilarious, he was in shock, haha. But it was so lovely to see him so confident with animals.

I still find it so strange that we have a little baby boy in our home but he's such an amazing son and little brother.

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