A cup of tea helps me start my day, and I can drink many cups of tea's during the day, many being left cold because of one reason; kids. But my most favourite time of the day is when Freddie is down for his nap, and I'm able to enjoy one hot cup of tea in peace. One thing I was unaware of was that the caffeine in Tea is actually good for you - as long as you don't consume more than 300mg of caffeine in one sitting. Tea is the second most common beverage in the world and has many health benefits. It has many natural and wellbeing benefits whatever your age, says a new report from the Tea Advisory Panel. To cut it down, here are a few health benefits of tea and why it's good for you -

• Tea contains polyphenols, caffeine, fluoride and L-theanine, and remains an important source of hydration", Says Lynne Garton, dietitian and member of the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP)

• Tea polyphenols help to relax the blood vessels which leads to control of blood pressure.

• Tea without milk has no calories - perfect!

• If you drink four cups of tea with milk provides 21% of your daily calcium requirement.

• Tea is a natural source of fluoride

• The average cup of tea contains less than half the level of caffeine than coffee

• Caffeine improves your mood

• Increase your alertness

• Reduces the sense of tiredness and pain

• Tea is naturally sugar-free

Green and black teas are also from the same plant, camelia sinesis and contain similar amounts of antioxidants and caffeine. Tea may also help weight loss, reduce your chances of heart attacks/strokes and may help your bones too. There are so many health benefits to list on why drinking tea is good. But as always, it's advised not to drink over drink it, and they say four cups of teas is a good amount of tea to drink, per day. 

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