I Feel Amazing!!

Yes it is true! Slimming World does make you feel amazing! I have finally lost 1 stone! Yay! Still alot more to go but i'm getting there! I have also lost over 15 inches, which includes my waist, hips, top, middle and bottom of my legs and my arms. I feel like i have much more energy in me, and best part is i have been lazy last week and week before and i still lost 4 and a half pounds! But i still ran after the kids, took them too park, went up to my boyfriends mothers house and did housework just daily things but i still was lazy haha! Because recently i have been going for long walks, but it hasn't been the weather to do it recently. It really is all to do with Food Optimising. What i have also changed is drinking! I've been drinking 2 litres or more a day! Which usually i'll be lucky if i drink one glass a day! 
I have done a before and after picture, only close people have seen it, maybe when i reach my 2 stone i will put one up so you can all see my progress.
Best thing about this plan is i am enjoying it! I understand it a lot more now from when i started it. 

More to come soon :)

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