Week 1 Plan.

As you may know i am on Slimming World and i have lost 1 Stone so far. Along with a loss of 15+ inches. 
I have had so many people asking me what i eat and what do i do too loose weight.
Well one - I have changed my food habits.
Two - Stopped snacking on junk (i didn't have alot of junk anyway)

Three- Drank much more (seeing as i hardly drank!)

Four - Move more, Walk more.

It is all about Food Optimising, Suprisingly i eat much more and much healthier on this plan. To get all the details it is best to find your nearest Slimming World group and join there. But i can give tips and my own plans.
As you might notice there will be a lot of repeats in my plans such as Tuna Pasta .. It's cause i love it and i enjoy it! 

My healthy A is either Cheese or 200ml of milk (but never have that much)
Healthy B - Brown danish bread.

The mayonnaise i use is the lighter than light mayonnaise from Aldi's (Bramwells) which is only half syn per tbsp!! Shocking i know!!
You can have any kinds of snacks, here are all the FREE snacks (you can have as much as you want!)

- Batchelors pasta , Batchelors LOW FAT super noodles, Eggs, Slimming World Chips, Fruit, Mullerlight, Chicken, Veg, (The rest will be put in another post coming soon Link coming soon)


  1. I love reading what other people eat. I'm trying to eat heathier too and trying new meals xx

  2. I need to start taking pictures really, and i think maybe i should start doing different meals haha! But i enjoy food like this! I am going to make my own curry soon which is all FREE in slimming world! So i can eat how ever much i want! Looking forward to it, i will post it up on here when i have done it. x

    1. Oooh that sounds nice look forward to reading the post :) xx


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