Elliw Elen's Birth Story

I went to hospital 4th March 2012 around 12pm ish i think. We were waiting in the ward for a while, i went in because my itching with my condition was just getting worse. I was on a machine for babys heartbeat. Everthing was fine with her. Doctor wanted to induce me that night but labour ward was full so she said for next morning and wanted to me stay over night. I got tablets in me around 6-7pm-ish Iwan stayed with me until 10pm . I started getting small contractions through the night but managed to sleep a little. 
The next morning came, i phoned iwan at 6am as i was told i was getting induced at 7am. I didn't go to labour ward until 8am. When i was there, they wanted me to go for a little walk too see if my contractions would go stronger and if my waters would break on their own. They didn't so in the end they broke my waters, doctor came in because he wanted me to go on a drip because i was dehydrated. So i went for a walk again but didn't go far! 
My contractions got stronger and stronger, Iwan was scared out of his mind haha bless him. I started pushing and Elliw was born at 11.35 am 5th March 2012.
Short birth, Short story haha! :-)

But difference with this experience was i was in a relationship and my babys dad was sharing the experience with me, and it was really nice.

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