Week 2 Food Plan

Yeah, so this week i had gained! But considering i had a bad weekend including a few drinks with friends Saturday night i only put on 1 and a half pounds which i was VERY happy with as i was expecting atleast 3lbs on! I know i can loose all of that this week *i will do it* 

With this food plan, try and drink at least 2 liters of water a day! That helps me ALOT i think. Considering i hardly ever drank before, but now i make sure i drink 2 liters a day everyday. 

Ideas for snacks which are free -
Chicken, Chips*, Fruit, Mullerlight, Batchelors Pasta, Batchelors Low Fat Super Noodles, Beans.

* Chips, Oven cooked.
* Bread/Toast - Brown bread/Danish bread, two a day max. Other wise 2-3 syns.

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