DIY: Wall Name Stencils.

I was quite bored the other day and fancied doing something different in my girls' bedrooms. I've drawn Minnie Mouse before but i have now painted over! But i think i will be drawing other things soon once i decide what i would like her theme in her bedroom to be, She will be deciding with me! 
I thought it would be nice to have their names on their walls, but i didn't fancy buying stencils or buying stickers! So i chose to make them myself, they are so easy to make!
Here is what you need to make these -

  • Pencil.
  • Plain Paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Paint.
Cheap and simple!

You decide what kind of font you would like, you can also make the letters bigger, or if you're not very good are doing letters why not print them off laptop/computer? 

Cut the squares out so they are seperate like above. 

This is the hardest and the most frustrating part i think!! It looks messy but aslong as you try and curve the corners on the letters it should be fine.

Half way i decided to make a flower too! I should have done two of these! You will see why below.

Stick them on the wall. I used selotape.

Then there you go! Just paint on the paper and it comes out like this! By the way this was the only paint colour i had in the house haha! 

Cheap, and very simple!
Even your children could help you paint! Or choose what they would like!

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