My food this week.

I've tried my best this week with Slimming World. Been sticking too 5-7 syns a day. I try my best not to go over 7 syns a day just incase for the hidden syns through-out the day! But i have also been moving alot more this week too! 
But must admitt i had a bad night last night after doing so well! My partner came home with a big tub of popcorn!! I had some, not as much as him though haha! But i did have super noodles for tea so i had no syns there which is good i guess. But i also had a Magnum (was tasty!!).
But hoping it will still show good on Monday because i hadn't had all my syns every day for the week! *crossfingers* Writting this now to be honest i am REALLY wanting another Magnum haha, there is one left in the freezer haha. And my partner bought some chunky cookies and cheese strings in our food shop! Not good. 
I think i will get a bowl of fruit instead lol. 

Well this is only some things i've had this week! Next week i'll try post more!
The flash has made some of the food look horrible! Haha they were lovely though!

Mash potatoes, x2 Chicken Drummers, Sweetcorn, Veg, Cranberry, Mint Sauce, Gravy.
This was so yummy!

My breakfast on Wednesday morning! 
Bacon (fat cut off), Boiled eggs, Toast, 2 tbsp of extra light mayo!

This looks horrible in picture, but trust me its absoloutley lovely! Even my partner loves it!
Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce, Stir fry, Chicken, Sharwoods Egg Noodles.

Grapes, Bananas, Cheese on toast.
Strawberry Mullerlight Yoghurt.
Boiled eggs, Bacon, Beans and cheese.

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