My weight loss journey so far!

2 months on and i have lost 1 stone and over 15 inches all together.
It's slow but i am happy doing it. I'm really looking forward to next Summer, Hopefully then i will be comfortable with my size and be happier!
Since doing this Slimming World, it has really changed me as a person, It has made me happier, it has given me so much more energy, the energy i've never had since being pregnant with my first. I eat less portions. I move more. I eat so much more healthier. My lifestyle has just changed so much! And FINALLY my hips have gone down so much! They were the worst and hardest to get rid of!

The one of me in the leopard print dress is BEFORE and the one in the denim dress was taken last weekend :)

Not the most flattering picture haha, But i am proud of this achievement. My stomach has gone down, and my hips have gone down, still a long way to go with my hips though! But i have always had big hips even when i was thin before i had my girls.

When i saw the old pictures and compared them with my recent pictures i was so shocked! I still got a lot more too loose on my face, but i am just so glad i don't look like how i used to!! 

It has been a yo-yo getting here, and another long ride to take but i am determined to do it even though i have some bad weeks, i'm enjoying myself! I'm loosing more than what i am gaining, Some days are hard like tonight! (I am so tempted to have a magnum and a chunky cookie) haha! But i'm not going to. I could but i had popcorn last night with the other half and i am determined to loose weight this week after a gain last week. 
If i can do it then anyone can do it! That is all i can say! :-)
It will cheer you up, it WILL make you feel amazing! Especially when you have dropped a size, get compliments, and you feel good about yourself!!


  1. Well done on your loss! I can see a big difference in your pictures. Keep up the hard work & remember on those bad days that it'll all be worth it in the end!

  2. Well done with your weight loss! I hope you get to the weight you want to achieve ;)

    New follower

  3. Aw thank you Amy & Emily!

    I've had an aawful week last week but a shocking weigh in yesterday! Post up after :-)

    Followed you back Emily :)


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