9 Aug 2013

Celebrities ?

There are some celebrities i can not stand and some i adore! Lets get started on who i can not stand! Justin Bieber. To be honest, i thought he was okay when he started his career, but now, oh my god. Never seen such an immature up tight a** in the celeb industry! He is so up him self now! Anyone hear the news where he SPAT at his fans a few weeks ago? I follow him on Instagram, and i saw the picture of when he was on the balcony when he did it, It make me hate him even more! I don't think he will be 'famous' for a life time, no way if he carries on the way he is! So disrespectful. If it wasn't for his fans then he wouldn't be where is right now! I might still like/listen to his music but i still can't stand him *Bieber fans don't hate/slate me please!!*

The two main celebrities/singers i adore are Rihanna and Beyonce! 
I have loved Rihanna since she started and Beyonce.. Ahhh who doesn't like her?! I mean come on! She is gorgeous and got a body too die for! Anyone who says they don't like her... Your just jealous (ha ha joke)
I've got the same tattoo as rihanna on the finger which says 'Shhh...' One of the most painful tattoos i had but i love it! 
I love her style, and i loved it when her hair was red! I dyed my hair red, and everyone loved it that colour, but it was so hard too keep on top of! My hair went dead in the end i had to chop A LOT of it off cause it was so ruined!! 
It was much much brighter than the picture above. 

Ahhh Beyonce! Yeahh... Love all her songs!! Most of her songs i can relate too, love her dress sense, and that hair <3!  Oh and would love to be able to dance like her he he! 

I also love how she loves her curves! One of the only celebs these days who aren't stick thin! Nice too see sometimes!

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