Christmas Shopping!

I know, i know it is only August! BUT it is only 4 months until Christmas and do you know what? I'm getting rather excited! Elliw will be older and Mia is older and hopefully understand a little more! For Christmas i like to dress the kids up, Past few years Mia has been in Mrs Santa Clause suits/dresses and last year Elliw was in a Santa Clause dress too! This year i think i will just buy them a pretty christmasy dress each! I am so excited!
So yeah anyway, we are going to be starting shopping early October. Booking a hotel to stay in Chester for the weekend and spend the whole day in Chester then go to Cheshire Oaks and hopefully get Everyones (family) and most of the girls' presents sorted that day. So it is time to save save SAVE up big time! Last year we didn't do it until November, and we were so skint over Christmas so we are going to try a different way this year and hopefully we can do it like this every year from now on.
Already trying to think what to get the girls this year for their presents. We might get Mia a TV for her bedroom as her main present as Elliw already has one. I will get them more clothes i think, and new boots and trainers and shoes for them. Hair accessories, but what i would really like to get for them is a big kitchen for them to share! So it would be a joint present for them. Also i would like to buy them a dolls house and quite alot of figures and cars because that is what they love to play with! I have got so many toys for them here so would like to sort them out and chuck alot of them out or even give to Charity Shop! I've got 4-5 boxes full, and over 6 bin bags full in the attic! Not looking forward to sorting them out. Maybe i will even go to Car boot sale next Sunday! We will see on the weather!
Mia seems to like Disney now, well she has done for over 2 years actually. So i think i will get her a few characters from there, and clothes with her favourite characters!
Mia and Elliw would LOVE all of this!! They would be in their glory! I'm going to try and get as much figures as i can i think! You can never get too much ;-) Hehe!
All those items above are from the Disney Store Online.

Looking forward for Christmas so much this year! 

Have any of you started planning Christmas Shopping yet..?

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