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Since living with my partner, we have lived in two private rent houses. We are in our second one still! We have been here for over a year now, and will spend our 2nd Christmas together here. Well next April the rent might go up, so we are looking at buying a house, or maybe rent another cheaper. Or just stay here, we are not 100% sure what we are going to do yet, but we are going to get Christmas out of the way first i think then make a decision next year! Time goes too fast though!
But when we do move, i will look for a totally different kind of house to this one that we are in now, i would like a smaller living room which would be more comfy but i would like another room downstairs. A kitchen big enough for a dining table, and maybe if i'm lucky a spare room for the washing machine & tumble. One double room and two single or little bit bigger rooms upstairs and a decent sized bathroom with tiled floors this time! We have carpet (horrible!) and in our living room we have old fashioned wooden panels on one wall and fitted in shelves brick walls, hard to explain but we can't change the room around and we can't really decorate the house as we want, oh and don't forget the green carpet ha ha! We have painted the hall way which was a dark yellow on bottom and a light yellow/cream on top, we have now painted a brown on bottom and left the top colour, looks so much better!
But if we were too move i would like the living room to have similair things to these -

Cushion & Rug - Laura Ashley.
Everything else from The Range.

I already have the wooden heart but a big one, i have it hanging on the side of the mirror in the living room at the moment, but i think the small ones would look nice on the window handles! or even in the girls bedrooms would be nice. 

It's always nice too look at sites and catalog's at what ideas you could get! Here is a few tips too maybe cheaper your 'dream designs' -

Magazines/Window Shopping - DIY -
Get magazines and go window shopping, take pictures or cut out pictures what you like, and think too yourself if you could maybe make it yourself ? Which may be a lot more cheaper and you could add a personal touch to it to make it unique! Ebay and other sites do great things for DIY crafts.

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