Plan a children's party!

Most children like a party for their birthday! So here is a few good tips too make a stress-free birthday party for you child/children!

Quite obvious really that it is important to give out your child's party invitations, it is easy if your child has a birthday party in school term as you can just write all the childrens names and send it to the class! But in the summer quite difficult to get hold of most of your childrens friends in school (if they are in school) as most are on holiday, busy or you have no contact with them. These days some people contact parents via Facebook, Twitter etc so maybe you could try and find them then! When writing invitations try and get everyone to let you know at least a week before the party if they are going to come or not! Then at least you will know how many things you will need to prepare for. Invitations i think are quite special and nice to keep, i make personalised invitations visit my Facebook Page 

Try not to spend a lot on Party Food, i use alot of Value food when i buy for Parties! it is only to feed A LOT of children which most of it will go to waste in the end (unless you have left overs lol!) The places i go for Party Food is Iceland, Home Bargains and B&M. There are cheap and food everyone likes! Main party foods are, sandwiches (egg, tuna, ham and jam), onion with cheese on sticks, mini sausage rolls, pasta, cakes, sweets, crisps! 

Decorations & Theme
I love this part! Choose a theme for the party, if your child is older then let them choose, or as a suprise do their favorite character or programme or even their favourite colour! You can get most theme plates, cups etc on

Party Bags
You can get things for party bags on Ebay and in Home Bargains. It is always best to buy bulks of things and share them out in the bags.

Party Games
Party games keep the children entertained during the party, if you don't want to entertain then why not hire a magician or a bouncy castle and music? It will keep the children entertained and very tired at the end of the day ha ha! Even bring some toys out for the little babies/toddlers. Try and get a mix of things if you have invited children of all ages. On thing you dont want in a party is someone to be bored!

The Cake!
I don't see getting a very special cake for a birthday is a great deal really. A cake from a supermarket would be ideal for my kids, because of the amount you spend in the party already, but it is always nice too choose a nice cake personalised! But if you do want it personalised, why not buy the icing pens, you can buy them in most supermarkets. Very easy to make.

Try and get as much help as you can! Make sure you have done most things before everyone arrives, so you can sit down with the parents for a bit and have a chat and let the children run wild and enjoy the party! That is what it's all about!

Hope them tips helped a bit!

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