Dear Elliw Elen...

Hello, baby girl you have grown up so much! Can't believe how fast you are growing! You have recently learnt how to 'Hi5' say 'juice', 'tata' , you can colour (kindof) and also recently you tried singing twinkle star in your own way! Twinkle little star always calms you down when you have your tantrums/tempers or when you are upset! You have been upset quite a lot recently because you have been teething, you only have 2 more teeth too and you have all your baby teeth through!! yipee!! You have been brilliant through them all to be fair :-)!! You hardly ever wear 12-18 months clothes anymore you are in 18-24 months. and in size 4 or 4 and a half G shoes. You weigh 29lbs (2 stone!) 
You love playing by yourself, oh and you love making a mess with your food. We know when you have had enough because you throw the plate full of food (most of the time) all over the floor (even smashed a few bowls) and then you flip the table over and just come out of your chair like you've done nothing wrong ha ha! Quite funny but not when i have too clean it all up ha ha! That is why you and Mia sit in the kitchen now too eat because i am fed up hoovering every single day or more than once a day after you decide you finished with your food ha ha! 
It is mad too think that this time next year we will be getting everything ready for you too start part time nursery in school! Where has the time gone ey? 
Anyway that is it for now until another day :)

Love you baby girls, always 


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