Obstetric Cholestasis

Obstetric Cholestatis is a condition i had when i was pregnant with both my daughters. It will happen again if i fall pregnant again, and it will happen too my girls when they fall pregnant when they are older (much older hehe). I wouldn't wish this on anyone to be honest. I lost a lot of sleep with this condition and especially in my 2nd pregnancy it was very hard going and i fell into depression, i was just so tired and knowing after loosing a night sleep i wouldn't be able to relax in the day because i had another child too care for while my partner was working all day. 

Cholestasis start on the palms of your feet and hands, and then spreads all over your body. You can not stop itching! I itched until i was bleeding, lost so many nights of sleep over it as it gets worse at night. You get no rash/spots etc with this condition.
It is to do with your liver, and if you have this during pregnancy then you will be put on tablets too lower your blood levels to do with your liver. Mine were very high in first and 2nd pregnancy. I was in hospital every week in my first pregnancy and most weeks in my 2nd. I got induced with it in both pregnancies. 
If you think you are itching (palm of feet and hands) then PLEASE go to the hospital!
It can be risky for you & baby BUT it isn't as a big risk as it was years ago.
It is rare too have this condition. 
Usually if you get it from your mother, if your mother had it or if she had gallstones. My mother didn't have gallstones, but my grandmother did. Now i have gallstones and doctor said i would get it because of the Cholestasis. 
If you do get this, try your best not to itch (very hard not too). Try and get as much sleep as you can! Also ask the doctor for cream too help the itch calm down a bit! But the tablets they give you should calm the itchiness off. Nothing can take it away completley, the only thing that can is your baby being born :-)

* All this is my opinion & my words no one else's. It is only my advice since i have been through it. Seek medical advice from a proffesional, and if you think you have this then please contact your midwife.

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