A Family Day Out

Last Sunday we had Mia all day - YAY! As she doesn't go to her Dads in week day anymore she goes Saturday morning until Sunday evening which i find very hard - i miss her so much and when me, Iwan and Elliw go out i really wish Mia could be there too- But i am hoping to arrange something where we can have her some Saturdays or Sundays! 

As she came home Saturday Evening, i was trying to think what could we do Sunday? I wanted to go somewhere for a good walk but somewhere Mia and Elliw could run about and enjoy! A place called Llanberis not far from us was the perfect place too go. It is a lovely walk and a wonderful place too go for a family day out. Loads of people had the same idea as us! And to top it of it was such a nice and sunny day! 

Elliw was sleeping most of the walk so didn't get that much pictures of her! Mia absolutely loved running around the field we walked through. We went to the other side of Llanberis where there is a Slate Museum which Mia and Elliw enjoyed! 

I have no idea why, but i find things like that very interesting! Even though i was never good in History in school and failed my History GCSE's i am always interested in History! Just i like to know how people lived at the time and so on! Not wars which is what we studied for GCSE's.

The kids and us two really enjoyed our family day out - and will be doing it again very soon! 

Do you go out places for a Family Day out? Where is your fave place to go?

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