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As you all probably know by now, we are looking to buy a house. We have been renting the house we are living in now for a year and a half and we rented a house before this one for 6 months, we feel even though we've been told we can do what we want, we feel that we can't do much in the houses! As it isn't our house is it? So this time, we are buying! I am actually quite excited. Only about 3 people know (and family too) as this time i will not be telling many people where i live. From my previous post your most probably know that we are looking for things for the rooms, previously i did the girls bedrooms. Well dream rooms they are! The things we would like in the room! 
Here is a few things i would love in our living room - 

1 - I am still in two minds with these curtains as i like the ones we have got now too! We will probably stick with the curtains that we have got in our living room at the moment and then change a few months down the line. 

2. I love these! They're so cute, and make a room look nice! I've got one big white one exactly like this which is hanging on the corner of the mirror in our living room at the moment. I think it fills up space and makes an empty looking place/wall look nice!

3. How cute is this cat door stopper? Never really had door stoppers in any of the houses we have lived in, but the house we have seen it is just a totally different layout than our house now and the previous one. 

4. I love plants in the house, not too much though. I like the colour white, and i really like this plant. It's really pretty i think! Isn't it?

5. I saw these canvases in the sale and i am so gutted now i didn't buy them! I wasn't so keen on them when i saw them in the sale, but i really love them now!

6. Faux 3 drawers - I have a lot of clutter - this means papers and more papers! Letters from Mias school and so on! This would ideal, and a nice deco in the living room! 

7. This rug looks so soft and fluffy! I love rugs in living rooms! Since the house we have seen is wooden floored i think a rug would make the room look very cosy!

8. Ahh i am in love with this cushion! That is all i can say about it! Love it.

As you can probably see, these items are all from Matalan and you can see that i have gone for a neutral theme again the same as my previous post about the girls dream bedroom! I also think the colour brown i have chosen is a very warm and cosey colour for a family home. 

What do you think?

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  1. Oh how I wish I could decorate the way I wanted, we rent as well and I would just looooove to paint and wallpaper...but hey one day hopefully! What an exciting time for you though. I love all the items, looks like a trip to matalan will be made in the near future :)


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