Toddlers Temper Tantrums

As you all know i've got two gorgeous girls called Mia and Elliw. Mia is my eldest who will be 4 in December and Elliw is my youngest who will be 19 months on the 5th this month! One word about this week..
I can't even properly explain 100% how i feel, it's just been so stressful it's unreal. They haven't been listening, Elliw is climbing everything and everywhere, Mia and her temper and so on. I love Weds, Thursdays and Fridays as Mia is in school 11am - 3pm so i try and do most of the house work that need doing or extras, spend time just me and Elliw and then come on this like now if i have enough time whilst Elliw is watching TV or having a nap. She's currently got her eyes glued on to the TV (Mr Tumble!) 
So back to the point. I really hate it when Mia throws her tempers outside as so many people stare - but i do make sure i stare at them back after i have calmed Mia down! And i make it very clear that i do not like people staring when i am sorting my own child out - weather they like how i treat my child when she is naughty or not - even thought i just raise my voice that is it.
I do not believe in slapping, i can be honest i tapped her bum and hand once or twice too see if it would work but it didn't, it made things worse! I just wanted too see what could help. But i cried so much after i did it.
Most of the things Mia throws her temper for is if she wants her own way - which i won't give her. I will tell her too wait if i;m busy and she wants something. 

There are some tips too calm them down when they are having a tantrum ;

1 - Don't shout too much as it can wind them up even more.
2 - Try the naughty step - Every time they come off make sure you sit them back down and re-start the time all over again. If you would like more advice on this check out my previous post here
3 - Talk with a calm voice.

Apparently once a child is having a tantrum there is something in there brain that can't stop it! So us parents have to try and calm them down.

Mia in the past few months thrown chairs, tables, toys and more things at me. Bites, Spits and Slaps at me. I do send her straight to the naughty step for this as i think it is disgusting behaviour. I think she is old enough to know not to do this! And worst thing is Elliw has started slapping and she thinks it is funny! So from now on, we are putting her on the naughty step too! - and guess what? it works! And she actually just sits and cries! 

It really does hurt me just watching them cry when they are on the naughty step, but kids have to learn don't they?

These past few days maybe past fortnight is bringing all kinds of things to my head at the moment - i'm feeling like how i was feeling when i was suffereing depression - i've not spoken to anyone about this only on a private Teen Mummies page via Facebook as i know no one i know is on the page! It is really getting to me this past week - it risked my relationship last time - we had argued so much and i am so greatful Iwan is still here, but this time i don't want to go back onto anti-depressants. We will see how it goes!


  1. Aww, sounds like you are going through a hard time, but you are handling it so well! I know how frustrating it can be and I remember well enough how I cherished those few days when mine went to nursery. Sounds like you are doing everything right though, those girls are lucky to have a sensible mummy. Keep strong!


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