Having a conversation with a 3 year old!

Ever since Mia (my eldest) started talking i've always tried my best to understand her and have a conversation with her even though most of the time i really did not understand a word she was saying. But i remember this time on a bus, where i had my first kind of conversation with her! I was so happy, more and more words were getting put together. Always wondered how she would chat/moider in the a conversation! 
Now she is 3 - she doesn't stop talking. She is learning much more words now since she has started big school. She has learnt the days of the week in welsh this week, and she is brilliant saying it.
I love just sitting down with her and having a conversation - i find it a little easier now explaining things as she understands but also quite hard as she over hears me say things then i ask her something and she will remember clearly what she over-heard and there is the trouble - madam she is ha ha. 
Now Elliw is blabbing! She has learnt to say 1,2,3 in welsh and now says 'tata' and 'haia' clearly (kindof)
As your child grows up at the start of when they start saying things i think it is only you who understands your own child - i did with Mia and now with Elliw. 

The best conversation you can have is with your child :)

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