Obstetric Cholestasis

OC (Obstetric Cholestasis) is a condition some women get when they are pregnant - usually starts from 30 weeks onwards. Only 1 in 100 get this condition. It is a condition where there is something to do with your liver. The main symptom of OC is itching. Many women, well most women get itchy during pregnancy, and i find if one person says they're itching then other people tell them to get checked out as it could be this OC. Well to be honest - you will know if you have got this condition. You will know straight away something isn't right. 
Mild itching is just the increase of the blood supply to the skin. This can be your bump (mostly) or your legs, bum, hips, everywhere maybe? But it isn't constant. 
OC is a condition where you will need medical attention. You would need to go to doctors/midwife asap if you think you may have it. As you will need to be monitored and put on tablets and have cream from the hospital as camoline lotion does not work. 
OC usually runs down in the family, and usually only from the mothers side. Weather the mother had OC or/and gallstones. My grandmother on my mothers side (who sadly died a year before i was born) had gallstones, so we presume that is where i have got it from. And now i have gallstones (painful!).
With OC your bile salts don't flow properly, as they are supposed to go from your liver to your gut to help you digest. But with OC the bile salts don't flow properly and pile up in your body instead. 
Once you go into hospital or see your midwife you will get your bloods taken so they know if you have got OC or not. My blood results were way too high so i was in hospital every week with it. I was given 3-4 different kinds of tablets and some cream to help the itch soothe a little bit. 
It is said that if you have OC there is a chance of baby being born premature or a stillborn. With OC being a link to stillbirths they sometimes will induce you 37 weeks. My first daughter was induced at 39 weeks, my second was induced at 38 weeks. I was given a steroid at roughly 35-36 weeks with my second, i was so scared i was going to have her before 37 weeks. Luckily she was kept safely in my belly until 38 weeks. 
Most births/labour with OC are very advised to be at hospital, i was on heart monitior in both my pregnancies and on steroids so i was bed-bound even though i really wanted to get out of the bed (but didn't bother me near the end haha)

Main symptoms of OC
The main symptoms of OC is itchiness all over the body with no rash. Usually the itchiness is worse on the palm of feet and hands. You are itching so much you bleed your self just like i did! My face was red raw when i first woke up with it in my first pregnancy. Usually starts 30 weeks onwards. The itch is un bearable. You loose sleep and it gets worse at night times! (10 times worse!) Dark urine, yellow jaundice of the face are symptoms too.

If you have OC in the first pregnancy then you are to have it in every pregnancy and it will be passed down probably. 

The treatments of OC is tablets and cream but the best treament is - the baby being born! That is when the itch will stop all together - lovely feeling but feels weird since you've been used to it for nearly 10 weeks! 

If you ever think you might have OC then please just go to the midwife. 

Please don't take all this as medical information - All this advice is just my own from my own experience. 
Both my babies were born healthy and were very well looked aftered when they were in my belly by the midwifes and doctors. 

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