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From a previous post you most probably know that we are currently looking around for houses too buy. Well we had our first house viewing last friday - it's the house that we had been eyeing up for a long time and guess what?! It was even more perfect than the pictures. We loved it. It had a decent lovely garden with back road parking and gorgeous views. 2 Living rooms, decent sized kitchen and dinning room, 1 master bedroom, 1 double bedroom and 1 single bedroom, and nice bathroom and small room under the stairs (how cool is that eh?!) It was very spacious! Which is what we really need in a house - especially with two kids. 

Since we had the viewing for the house we have been talking and if we do go for it then the girls will have to share a room because the double bedroom is 3 times as big as the single bedroom. So we would put the single bedroom as a playroom, and i have already been thinking what theme i can do the girls bedroom and play-room! Here are some of the designs i have been looking up at ; 

As you can see i've gone for a very neutral, modern and girly theme here. It can grow with them but it is still young. 

One - I love the colour pink, and i thought this quilt cover was beautiful! Really did catch my eye! I can just picture it on my girls bed sheets right now!
Two - Ah how cute is this white soft bunny rabbit? Lovely to just put on show such as on a shelf like number six.
Three - I was stuck between this one and another style but i just absolutely love this! It's just very plain and just very modern and goes with the rest of the colours!
Four - This chair is so cute! Great you can get it personalised too! There were quite a few other cover designs but this one caught my eye the most. Love it! 
Five - This retro alarm clock would look fab on the shelf or table as a deco!
Six - I love shelves, really handy too keep stuff like photos etc!
Seven - How lovely is this mirror?! Goes with everything in the room, i think every room needs a mirror! Makes it look bigger too. 

So at the moment i am looking around for things. The girls have already got chester draws and a small wardrobe so i will probably paint them white to go with the bedroom with one wall light pink the rest white, or the other way round maybe?

At the end of the day, we need to look at money.

- Have i got enough money too buy new furniture?

Well at the moment, no i haven't. So most things will probably be handmade but that makes it more personalised doesn't it? 

Have you recently moved? Do you like coming up with design ideas etc?


  1. Aww everything is so pink! I love it :) x

    1. Hehe! I love just a natural girly room :) I've tried to buy things girly for my youngest's room, but my eldest i'm not sure how to do her room! If they share it would be ideal - time to nag Iwan about this house now he he! x

  2. Ooohh exciting about the house! It's great moving house and choosing new things isnt it :) x

    1. Had our eye on it for a while! But not really talked about it to anyone. We have 2 other house viewings next Saturday - but i'm not looking forward to it because i don't really like them ha ha! And yeah it is!! xx

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  4. I definitely love #3! I could really use something like that for my own kids, actually. We have toy storage but it's so disorganized.


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