Say CHEESE for the camera!! 
This is a new thing for Elliw - Every time the camera is out or my phone she always says CHEESE and does her posing cute face! I love it! 
It's mad how much she has grown - she still doesn't say much words but she understands much more than i think! These past few weeks have got me noticing how much she has grown - like this saying 'cheese' for the camera and posing. This morning she started saying 'baby' or when she doesn't want to do somthing, she says 'na' or 'no' or 'no way' and she makes sure we understand her ha ha! 

At 18 months she is a little behind with what her eldest sister was at this age but i think this is all to do with her being the 2nd child too! Mia does and says a lot of things for her so Elliw is just a little lazy hehe! Can't blame her! If someone else is going to do most things for you, why bother trying eh?! I wouldn't haha. 
But she is slowly coming to learn a lot of new things all at the same time!

ALSO what she has stopped (thank god!) every time they sit on the table for dinner, when she THINKS she has finished her food she flings her plate from the table, and last week we put her on naughty step straight after it every time she did it, and we knew she didn't understand much about it but we kept taking her back to make her thinkg every time she does it she is going to the same 'naughty step' place and last few days she hasn't done it! YAY!

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