Dear Mia...

Dear Mia Wyn...
Hiya baby girl. I am so very proud of you this past week, You've done so well. After this very hard year, i can only blame myself - as i was the one buying and giving you the Dairy products and you didn't understand yourself what was going on. The amount of rows, shouting and so on that has been happening, mostly stress as no doctors or health visitors were willing to help me, they kept giving me this movicol prescription which obviously was not working - and they were not listening. I did try, i promise. 
But i am so glad this past week now has been so good, you have improved so well, and i am so so so proud of you. No words can describe how proud of you i am. You did TWO whole days of no accidents, one little accident today but that's nothing compared to your 10 or more accidents per day before for over a year! (phew glad it's over!)
I'm sure you feel better in yourself too baby, I'm sorry i didn't find out sooner! 
Hope you will grow out of it very soon! 
You're doing very well in school. You had your first parents evening the other day, so proud of you. You write with your left hand, but use the scissors with your right hand, what's that all about girl? Haha! You and your best friend Llio get seperated in class because you both talk too much! I can just imagine! You can recognise some shapes and colours. And now you copied the letter 'G' and the number '2' i wrote down earlier today. AHH Where has my baby girl gone?! 

Can't believe you will be 4 years old in December! Most things have been sorted already :)

So proud of you baby girl.

All my love,

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