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So as you probably know Mia my eldest daughter suffers constantly poo-ing all day every day. It has been going on for over a year now. Been to doctors and spoken to Health Visitor - and she is due a Pediatric Appointment in Hospital soon but more than likely her appointment will be delayed. I am a member of this Secret Group on Facebook where i can just express my feelings with other Mums! I wrote a post one day as i was so tired and so stressed/frustrated not knowing what was the matter with Mia. Well one girl told me it could be Lactose Intolerance. To be honest - i never even heard of this before. I looked it up - looked up at the symptoms - there it was. It was exactly what Mia has. The symptoms for lactose intolerance are -
- Wind
- Stomach pains/aches
- Crankiness
- Failure too settle
- Diarrhea
- Failure to gain weight
I haven't noticed that she's failing to gain weight, as i do think she looks normal for her age. As for the Wind (she stinks!! lol) stomach pains, crankiness, failure too settle and diarrhea - all these she has daily. She has always complained of her belly hurting her - but i thought nothing of it. I just thought it was her excuse too have cuddles with me (how wrong was i?!)

All afternoon i have researched more information about Lactose Intolerance and it's actually a change of her whole diet. As she seems to be quite severe with it, i am going to do a tester as they tell you to do on the NHS site and another site i found very helpful. I take all Dairy products away from 2 weeks and see what happens. 

After the girls went too bed, I went to the shop down the road as Iwan stayed home and unfortunately there wasn't any chocolate, yoghurts or processed ham she could have. I bought her Soya Milk which was a shocking £1.49 for a 1L bottle! 

I know i'm going to find this hard. She is going to have to cut out on -
- Chocolate (which she doesnt eat much anyway)
- Bread
- Butter/Margarine
- Some Sauces
- Some Cakes (Doesnt eat much)
- Milk
- Yoghurts
- & more

This Saturday i am going to look for things especially for her and i will have to make sure that Elliw does not have Chocolate and things with Dairy that Mia will want - in front of her. 

All of her favorite foods are things she will have to stop eating.

I'm hoping i can find replacement yoghurts, bread and butter for her and chocolates as she has them as a treat now & then.

Has your little ones or yourself got Lactose Intolerance ? Any kind of advice would help, Thank you

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  1. My daughter had a very similar milk protein allergy we had to kick and scream at multiple appointments to get her diagnosed but we got there in the end so good luck to you. I'm also a member of the group on Facebook it where I found a link to your blog and Its very good reading :) xx


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