Pabobo Night Light Review

We were given a Penguin Pabobo Night Light too review. Mia was very excited for this, and so was i! All of a sudden Mia was saying she was scared of the dark and she wanted a little light. Then we were offered too review this Night Light so i said yes while we had the chance! The delivery was fast. Mia was in school when i had this light so i had time to check it out and charge it before she came back home.

Pabobo is the first inventor of the portable, rechargeable nightlight. All of Pabobo creations are designed to be handled by children, innovation and design are central to this approach. The Designers of Lumilove, the first luminous companions for children, the Pabobo team develops all its products in strict compliance with CE standards.

Mia came home and i couldn't wait too show her this Pabobo Night light but i thought i would wait until it was bed time. When it was bedtime i told her to go to bed and i'll get her, her suprise. She was so excited. When i showed her this Penguin Pabobo Night light she was over excited! She was so happy. And she absolutely loved it. 

When you first charge it, it tells you too charge for 24 hours. But i charged it for 10 hours and it lasted for 6-7 hours. After it is fully charged the light lasts for 11 hours. Not only is this a Night Light it also plays a soothing melody for 15 minutes too help your babies/children get too sleep. 

One thing i really liked about this light was it was never hot likehow some Night Lights get when they are on for a long period of time. 

Every morning - Mia would carry this light into our room with all of her other teddies and put it on charge ready for the night time.

One thing i think would make this light a little better is when you put the light on charge to maybe put a light on the charger too say it is charging - & another coloured light when it is fully charged. As my partner was confused as he didn't know if the light was charging or not.

Overall i am quite pleased with this light. I've had no problems with Mia settling since having this light. I thought it wasn't going to bright enough but it does its job - it gets my baby girl settled for bed.

The Pabobo Night Light is £35.00 to buy here

* I was given this product for free too do this review - all words are my own. 100% honest. 

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