Winter Buys!

The cold is here, the rain has come, the chilly nights have started! It can only mean one thing - Winter. Grab your gloves, scarves, hats and warm coats it's apparently going to be a very cold one with some snow too come next month! 
After quite a long summer of warm weather even the warm weather staying in September - i am actually looking forward and already liking this cold-ish weather. I love snuggling up, especially in bed! But i am not looking forward for the snow that is apparently coming next month. 
Alot of people i know and have seen are buying new coats, scarves, gloves and so on for the winter! Elliw won't wear a hat for me, never has done. But i have bought them new coats and a new hat for Mia! 

I love online shopping - well browsing! Here are a few things i have seen for Winter Buys this year from Next! 

1 & 2 - How cute are these puffed up coats, i love that colour brown and the pink! As most of you probably know by now i love leopard print, not too much though. The coat just looks so cosey and warm for winter!
3 - How cute is this sleeveless fluffy body warmer?! Would look so cute with a long sleeved jumper - light pink underneath.

4 - I love ugg boots, but my girls havent really worn theres much this year. When Mia was Elliws age she used to walk fine in them but the ones i've bought from peacocks Elliw doesn't walk that great in them. But i love these ugg boots.
5 - How gorgeous are these wellies? Yet again.. leopard print! But look at that bow! I think that is what finishes these boots off - so cute.
6 - Mia would absoloutley love these wellie boots! She loves Minnie Mouse and these boots are definate her style! 

7 - Ahhh one word CUTE!! I was going to get this for Elliw but there was none her size - plus i don't think she would of even worn it anyway. but i still love it.
8 - I've got this hat for Mia, leopard print again! But so cute! 
9 - I've got a dark coloured one of these from about 2 years ago that i bought Mia when she was roughly Elliws age. So warm, cosey and cute.

10- How adorable are these leggins? Totally Mias style again!

11- I adore this cardigan - looks so nice & warm! If they had this in my size i think i'd buy it too!
12 - This jumper is so adorable - and reminds me so much of Christmas - woohoo! 

All of the clothes pictured above are from Matalan.

Have you got your winter wardrobe ready?

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