Plan A Birthday Party!

Once your child starts school, most parents start doing parties. Some start from their first birthday too! As we all know parties can actually be quite a stressful thing to plan - worrying if you've got everything ready or not and wondering who is going to turn up and who's not going to turn up! So it's always best i think to write everything down. Grab a note book, sit down and plan the party. Here are a few tips too think about when you plan your party - 

I'm very fussy with choosing invitations, that is why i have too make my own invitations. It's very easy if you have the right programme. When making or buying invitations always make sure you have more than you've invited just incase you forget someone! Also send your invitations out atleast 2 weeks before the party! Don't leave it last minute! 

Food & Party Bags
Make a list for the food and what you want too put in the party bags. You don't need to buy the expensive things for parties as most of the time there is always a load left over! And again buy more party bags just incase.

Think what kind of entertainment you would like in your childs party - something your child will enjoy too. For example - Print activities out for the children, Bring your own games or/and toys too the party, Classic Party games such as pass the parcel etc. Or how about leave the entertainment on other people/things such as maybe hiring an entertainer? Bouncy Castle or Face painting.

Do a budget
As i stated above, most food gets wasted in parties so how about set yourself a budget on how much you want to spend and stick too it, Even if it means looking around in shops or websites.

Booking a place
In most places it's always good to give enough notice that you want to book a date for the party. I book my daughters' parties about 1 or 2 months before. Maybe it would be a good idea also too book the place suitable for other people too! So it is easy for them too get to.

Time and Date
When thinking about the time and date it can be quite difficult sometimes. Always best to do it on the weekend, Maybe a Sunday? Or if you decide to do it in the week, do it after 3.30 as there are children who don't finish school until 3.30.

Theme and Cake
You think about what your child likes to think as a theme weather it is a colour, character or something else. Mia's favourite is Doc McStuffins and Jake The Neverland Pirates! 

What else do you too plan your child's party?

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