Thorntons Christmas Hero

I'm taking part in the Thorntons Christmas Hero Competition where they asked me too choose someone who i think deserves a hamper of their yummy chocolates! As it is close too Christmas - it was like a 'Secret Santa' I was very excited too do this!

The person i chose who deserves this more than anyone was my partners Mam, Carys. Even thought i have only know her 2 and a half years, she has been through so much in her life. When i first got with my partner Iwan.. Carys was going through having a Kidney Transplant. Through one of the most difficult time of her life I've never heard her complain about life, she is a true insparation! More than anything I am so lucky too have such a great Nain for my two daughters. As you probably know Carys isn't Mia's (my eldest daughter) real Nain but since the first time Carys saw Mia she has been absoloutley amazing with her. I couldn't ask for anyone better too be a Nain too my two daughters. It really does mean so much too me how Carys and Roni (her husband/Iwans Dad) has taken Mia on like their own Grandchild and treat her exactly the same as Elliw (my youngest). 

My mother doesn't do anything with us, so having Carys there is amazing. I grew up with my Dad so i never had a 'mother figure' - no woman i could turn around too and know she will be there me. But Carys has been there for me, I feel like i can talk to her about anything. She's been there for me through thick & thin since we have known each other. Couldn't ask for a better mother figure in my life.

Carys was over the moon when she had these Chocolates. Her favourite ones were the Turkish Delights, Coffee Creams and the Mints! 

I really don't know where i would be now if it wasn't for Carys really. She (& Roni) has helped me & Iwan so much through so much, we can't thank her enough. 

When i fell pregnant with Elliw - I was so scared/worries about everything - Especially that i had also moved half n hour away from my family too - but Carys made me feel welcome, and made me feel like i wasn't alone, since i hardly knew anyone round here at the time! She always came over and i always went to her. She went to nearly every single midwife appointment and my appointments in the hospital whilst i had Obstetric Cholestasis with my pregnancy and was there straight away too baby sit Mia or take me to hospital if something felt wrong - and i needed monitoring. 

Amazing woman.

Most of all - I am so greatful Mia and Elliw have such an amazing grandparent. Always there for them no matter what. Like my daughter calls her 'Nain Carys' and every time Elliw and Mia see her they are so happy & excited! :-)

I was given this Hamper to give too someone special who deserved it and too take part in the Christmas Hero Competition with Thorntons!

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  1. Aww how lovely to have someone as wonderful as you do x


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