Be Prepared

Joining the team of 'parenthood' really scared me. I wasn't sure what to expect. Even though i was around kids and worked with children also doing a childcare course. I was just so nervous. Nothing could prepare you having your own child. Especially if it was your first. No one could tell you how your child would behave, how you would cope and tell you exactly what to do. It's only experience and day to day life that could do that.

Being a parent, i think it is quite important you know that you're not alone. As i've noticed during my first pregnancy i lost friends, but with 2nd i lost even more and even lost the ones i lost in the first pregnancy too. Some friends just aren't worth keeping, it's just a shame you have to realise that once you're going through the time you want your friends there most. It's a shame. It's quite important you stay close to family and you keep your close friends that are there for you. If not, you can become very lonely and that is not good for you or your child/children.

Have a break
Make sure you do have break. Having a night 'off' or a 'day off' or just a couple of hours will not make you a bad parent. It will make you feel sane, stress-free and relax a bit more. It's important to have a break from your child/children once in a while. Even if it is just for 30 mins or an hour. So whenever someone asks, take the chance and just relax or go out with friends, just enjoy yourself.

Stay calm
That is one thing i've learnt with having to children is to stay calm. No matter what kind of situation you are in. When your calm - they're calm.

Take advice
Even if you don't agree with some advice some people tell you, it may come handy in a few weeks, months or years. You just never know. I'd be lost without advice. Wheather it's from my Dad, Grandparents or friends! I think getting advice off people is really good and helpful.

Very important to try and enjoy every minute of being a parent. Children grow up way too fast. Before i know it Mia and Elliw will be 18 and probably want to leave the house! Instead of dealing with terrible two's and naughty three's we will be dealing with troubled teens. Can be hard sometimes or most of the time but just take 10 and think.

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  1. Stay calm is the best advice ever! I wish I had done more of that while raising my son (He's 29). I finally learned to stay calm when working as a nanny and it saved the situation every time.


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