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Talk About Sundays is going to be a new weekly Sunday link up Life-As-Mum is starting. It's a very easy one really. All you have to do is link up a post about what you have done on Sunday or even Saturday. 
Then every Wednesday/Thursday I will choose be favourite post and feature it on a blog post and Social Media.
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This Link Up will be starting next Sunday 2nd February. 

Here is my first post for 'Talk About Sundays'

Today was a busy day for my partner, but a lazy day for me and Elliw. As Mia was in her Dad's house it was just a day for me and Elliw. I moved the sofas around, and my god there was so many toys under the sofas! Other than that me and Elliw had a lovely 'mother and daughter' time together.

Elliw has changed so much recently. She is really trying her best to say some words. Such as she says 'Ju' for juice. She knows what Blankey, botal (bottle in welsh), cuddle and sws (kiss in welsh) means. And she knows who people are. 

I love watching her play. Especially with her favourite toys such as her wooden blocks. She has also loved this small book called 'This little piggy'. She always brings it to me for me to read it to her then she goes away with it with a massive smile on her face!

As you can tell, Elliw loves the camera. Minute she sees the phone or camera out she will say 'cheese' or do a funny face like she's done in some of these photos. It's really weird and nice how she does exactly the same cheeky smile just like what her Dad did when he was younger too. 

So this was my Sunday! hoping next Sunday i will be able to visit my nephew who i havent seen for a few weeks since we have been unwell :( Really can not wait too see him. 
Remember join up in this link up next Sunday!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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  1. Looks like you two had a lovely day :)
    Will join in next week! :) x


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