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New Year, New Start as most people say near the end or the start of a year. Most of us do some New Years Resolutions, some stick to it and some don't. Would you stick to it if you would save money out of it? Usually New Years Resolutions are kicking your dirty habits away, such as going out less, quit smoking, going on a diet and more. From any of them you could easily save money. Leeds Building Society did a survey on how much people spend on average on different things. This was really interesting!

Me and my partner used to get takeaways every week, we don't so often now but when we did we would spend roughly £15 a week on a takeaway for both of us. On average in the UK roughly 10% of people spend around £15 a week on takeaways. The average spent on a takeaway in the UK is £9.47. If we were not to spend this much on a takeaway every week we could of saved £15 a week and £780 a year!!

Shockingly £21.30 is spent on cigarettes. I never smoke, maybe one fag or two when i am out drinking which is hardly ever. Iwan quit smoking months ago, which i am really glad. It has made a difference in money. It has saved us roughly £700 + a year.

Evenings Out
We all know how expensive it is to go out now days. A trip to the cinema can cost you maybe near £20 just to see the film not including the food. On average £17.34 is spent per week by the UK on evenings out. Me and Iwan don't really get the time, but when we do it's only every few months and we always spend roughly £30 + or maybe a little less or more.

If you visit Kick My Habits site you will see how much you spend a week and how much you could save if you would stop your habits. It would mean a healthy you and a more wealthier you to! With all the money you would usually spend on a typical habit every week you could just put it in a pot, save it and pay for a holiday with your family, or maybe go treat yourself or the kids.

After reading this and visiting the site will you make changes in your 'habits'?

Kick My Habits Interactive Tool from Leeds Building Society
Kick My Habits by Leeds Building Society

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